Caron Renaissance


Almost two and a half years ago my son called me and told me he needed help. I knew he was depressed, doing poorly in school and smoking too much pot, but I had no idea what I would face when I arrived at his College that Spring evening. In the middle of a snowstorm I found him delusional and stranded on a highway far from school. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, I was scared and alone. The next day I made some phone calls, a friend’s son had been to a treatment program in Pennsylvania and then Florida. I soon realized that I could not spend another night alone with my son whose behavior was psychotic. I got him in the car and started driving as my husband at home made calls to several treatment centers. Caron had a bed. They were wonderful on the phone.

We were completely unprepared for the journey on which we had embarked and with their support and guidance and that of Caron Renaissance during the next phase of treatment, we have been challenged to learn, grow, and make meaningful changes in all of our lives. Our son was at Renaissance for seven months and when he moved on to the next phase in our lives his counselors continued to support us. On April 11th he celebrated 2 Years of sobriety. I have such gratitude in my heart for his sobriety, his life, and for the new life I have in recovery from this family disease. My son will face the fight against addiction every day for the rest of his life, and I will continue to work on myself to avoid slipping back into old behaviors. Thank God we do not do this alone, Renaissance gave us the tools we needed and they will be there for us if we call. This journey was not an easy one. I did not always like what they had to say, but I trusted them and did all that they asked. I am so glad that I did.