Looking Back, Three Years Later

We benefited tremendously from the Caron Renaissance experience. But it wasn’t easy and it wasn't fun. As our adult child struggled with recovery, we as parents struggled with our own recovery and how to restructure both our expectations and relationships. It became clear that we could not shield, lessen, or rescue our child from the struggle; it was absolutely necessary for any hope of a lasting recovery. Even though our child left CR after 4 months, and under terms that were not at the time considered favorable, the lessons learned were instrumental while our child went through the struggles of residing in a sober living facility, starting work, and taking on adult responsibilities. As recovery continued, our child decided to return to CR for regular outpatient meetings. The CR professionals never took their eye off of our child or of us; they challenged us, but with specific purpose grounded in clinical treatment. Now 3 years past our time at CR, we as parents continue to appreciate (and try to practice) the lessons learned.