Next steps...College & The Collegiate Recovery Program by E.B.S.

Our son’s goal was to return to college but how? When he was ready, how would he begin to get back on track? How would we pull together all that was needed to restart that process? The Collegiate Recovery Services at Caron Renaissance, that’s how.

With Jonathan Salzburg’s expertise, knowledge, resources, and guidance along with his big heart we could not have been in better hands. With much input from our son, Jonathan assisted him (and us) with the innumerable how to’s -how to transfer records from the previous college, which credits would apply, what to do next, which college would be the best fit, which services are offered, a tentative plan, on and on and on. Living in the Sober Dorm gave our son independence while providing structure and support. It allowed for a transition that helped propel our son forward to reaching his goals. For me, all of the above were tasks that I was heavily involved in when our son initially entered college. Because of Renaissance and Jonathan, I learned to let our son build up his ego strength by seeking out resources and the information that he needed. I learned to let go and allow him to thrive. I learned to let him learn by making mistakes.
Throughout, Jonathan held our son accountable and believed in him. We believed in Jonathan and our son. We developed confidence in our son. And most importantly, we watched as our son went from being externally motivated to internally motivated because he wanted it for himself.