Happy, Clean and Sober Son by Angela Ponatoski

I am grateful every single day for the 4 and 1/2 years and counting of sobriety that my son now enjoys. While at Caron Renaissance he was allowed to build a large network of sober support, including Caron alumni and AA contacts. During the last months of his stay, he needed to make a commitment to a job, contribute to the monthly Renaissance fees, as well as make and adhere to a budget. Consequently, when he left Caron Renaissance, he was essentially self supporting and had a group of friends in a sober network. He integrated successfully into society. Since then, he remains financially independent, goes to school at night, and has a loving girlfriend and dog. His father and I treat him as an adult. My son respects us as loving adults. Best of all---he is happy. What more can a family ask? I thank Caron Renaissance for working with him and his parents to allow his sobriety and healthy relationships to emerge. I am grateful.