Multiple Rehabs, Last Chance by Rebecca D. Dodge

My son had been to many (10) previous rehabs before. He had overdosed multiple times and been close to death. He had been homeless, on the street, lived out of his car...basically hit that "rock-bottom " we all hear about. Caron Renaissance was our last hope. We had heard from many doctors he was close to death...a lost cause. I refused to believe that. Caron Renaissance was tough on him...and me. They held him more accountable than previous rehab centers and kept tabs on him and didn't let things get past them. They kept him constantly thinking, constantly in groups, in therapy. They got his body moving each morning with exercises...helping him to get healthy again. They forced him to accept responsibility, even when he tried not to. They forced me, as a parent, to look at my issues...deep-seated issues. Painful issues. Difficult. Hard. Worth it though. During family week we all had those "hard conversations". Many times....with tears. But it worked. And after family week, we found it brought about a renewing in ALL of us. The therapists called weekly. This had NEVER happened with ANY OTHER REHAB. And I've seen quite a few. The therapists forced issues I wished were kept quiet. But it was best to be said. Caron Renaissance is an excellent facility. Go if you can. It will probably save your child's life.