Life Changed for the Better - by Carol

My son has been at Caron Renaissance for almost a year. I place all my trust in the staff there and my Higher Power. I am not sure what the future will hold for my son, but I do know that he is being given the best tools to use to become the best version of himself. He has to choose to use those tools. That is no longer my concern. Don't get me wrong, I still pray for him everyday. Caron Renaissance has taught me to take care of myself and find my own voice. I took part not only in the Family Weekend, but did two weeks of Family Restructuring. Little did I know that the Family Restructuring was not about my son, but was about me! It was challenging and freeing both at the same time. I continue to work with a family therapist and attend several support groups each week. I work the program! I never thought that through the trials of my son's addiction, I would come to love and respect myself. My life will be forever changed for the better, if I continue to work hard each day and stay in touch with my Higher Power. I thank everyone at Caron Renaissance for their caring, wisdom, and perseverance.