DC Family Support Reminder - Slow is Good

Hi Everyone, This Sunday the Caron Renaissance Family Support Group will meet. Welcome! Recovery is a slow process which contradicts the linear milestones in the lives of our children as they grow up. ‘Graduations' in our school system begin in kindergarten and carry on through adulthood. It is tempting - and culturally appropriate - to believe from the start of residential treatment that if we follow the roadmap, we will emerge at some kind of finish line; with the assumption that whatever 'failure to launch' brought the family into Renaissance, will be addressed and reversed. But one of the first realizations that emerges when recovery becomes paramount, is that this is not exactly a linear process. We may see others, further along, who know things, but there is no a magic bullet. Recovery is a process with a lot of moving parts. Our designated patient may discover a path to resolving a portion of their challenges, only to find themselves summoned to another monumental challenge; and another, and another. Recovery takes time for the patient and the family. It takes connecting with others, so that we don’t struggle alone. And it takes a genuine commitment over time to learn wisdom from the experience of others. Practicing and sustaining what we learn along the way is what recovery is all about. Continuing our bi-monthly meetings, and finding 12-step meetings that work for us, are key to maintaining our well being. This is the heart of our Caron Renaissance Family Support Group. See you Sunday -