DC Family Support Reminder - Making Changes

Hi Everyone, This Sunday the Caron Renaissance Family Support Group reconvenes to talk about this moment in time - a snapshot of now. Of great importance is how we ourselves are doing; what we are changing, and how we are striving to build, one step at a time, the quality of life we expect and wish to sustain on a daily basis going forward. One major benefit of attending a regular support group is that the focus is on ourselves. Addiction is a habit which locks families into repetitive patterns of behavior. These patterns fail to produce positive results. When our addict sees us break out of these patterns, there is a wake up call. "Nothing changes until something changes.” We hear this often in early recovery. Once we take that first step, whether it is forced upon us or we suddenly seize the moment, there is hope that a domino effect will follow. We also hear, "If we don’t change, they won’t change.” None of this is easy. Change can mean learning to live with a heavy heart. But often, our addicts take notice. With persistence, unproductive behaviors can recede, one bad habit at a time. We welcome Renaissance families to our meeting for discussions about what is happening right now in our lives. See you Sunday -