Why Caron Renaissance? - by Hanonymous

I hope and think our daughter would have found recovery on her own when the time was right. Now she thanks us for sending her to Caron Renaissance. In her words, ‘Renaissance gave me many more good years while I’m still young’.  By time we got there, we'd all had huge spikes and troughs. She’d been through various treatment programs. While she struggled with abstinence and sobriety, we felt she needed more time in treatment and much better continuity once she left. We had to wait until a crisis occurred, and then seize the opportunity at Renaissance. Changing habits and ways of life is hard work, and this program provided a launch pad for opening all of us up to everything that recovery means as a way of life. It gave us as parents, a chance to make gradual and meaningful changes. The advantage of Renaissance was the highly individualized treatment; the depth of care for families; the specialized groups in addition to primary group; the uncompromising approach of the therapists; a vocational program that factors in a patient’s pathology for job choices; the college-bound program that helps patients advocate for their goals and needs; and the fact that patients are expected to be off-campus for some portion of each day. Renaissance is a place with high expectations and unwavering convictions. The bar is never low. And that, in the end, is dignity.