Welcome to the Caron Renaissance Family Website


We are the parents of alumni and patients who attended Caron Renaissance and made significant progress with their program. We are starting this website to invite other Renaissance families to share what you learned there, in order to help others. We also invite families who are considering Caron Renaissance or on a recovery journey to explore the website. Many online comments are written by people who voice complaints. Those who had positive experiences don't often turn to the web. We wanted to create a place where family members could share how Renaissance helped their recoveries; and how we work to maintain what we learned weeks, months or years later. We feel Caron Renaissance is uniquely challenging and life-changing. Keeping in touch helps us sustain our own recoveries, and maintain healthy family relationships.

As parents at Renaissance, we learned that the first step is about taking care of ourselves. We also learned how addiction can dominate the family system, locking us into patterns of behavior that perpetuate the disease. During treatment, families are invited to attend groups with therapists, patients and other families. There are no closed doors. We learn about ourselves and each other. We see why change matters. We take time to review a lifetime of habits within our family system. We also learn ways to interact with love and accountability. Often, when we are open and willing to change, our loved ones become more open and willing to invest in changes in themselves. 

Many of us are immensely grateful for the dedication and care shown by the staff, who work to save families and save lives. While transitioning back into the community, alumni are able to continue with familiar therapists and support groups. This unique after care program eliminates the need to search for new therapeutic networks. Ongoing support and continuity through the huge alumni network is key. 

This website invites you to submit experiences on your recovery journey, and/or your favorite sources of inspiration. All submissions will be reviewed. If you have a private question, feel free to ask. We hope what you share here will help others. Whether you have a question about the program's view of boundaries and enabling, a story to share as a 'guest blogger', or a quote from a book you highly recommend, we welcome you to join the conversation.

This website and its contents are not affiliated with, written by, funded or sponsored by Caron Treatment Centers.